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What's New Around?

Thursday, November 22, 2012 0 comments
What We Have Change

From selling girls stuff and children, we have grown to a another class selling gadget stuff as well as what we have done before. Currently, we are carrying brands such as Viva cases, Moshi and other more brands. 

All the products we carry are authentic, we guranteed you and it will be premium brands that you will trust. In the meantime, we will finish up the website and post the products do allow sometime for us to do that.


After a month when we settled, we will start our advertisement on everywhere. We hope you do your part to spread the word of mouth. If any service or product you think is bad, tell us so that we can be able to change or do something for you.

Future Plans

We have gather together the most top upgrades we are going to improve on, during this day to the next 5 years ahead we wish to change the website design not being so pink which we received from our viewers.

There will be also a wide range of products going to be posted up not just only what we are selling, also promotion will be weekly and updated by our managements.


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